Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The White River Girls

Found: lots of treasures I didn't know were lost.  I've gone bonkers during my off treatment week, aiming to be as productive as possible.  
I rush because of the knowledge that the next week I'll be out of commission (like if you were forewarned that the flu was coming on Monday and recovery would take all week… every other week.)  So, I cleaned and reorganized my studio. : )
These transfers I made from some of my vintage family photos somehow became lost in the shuffle.  I couldn't wait to bring this one to life.  (Yes, I have used this one before.  Gifted it to my grandmother, who is pictured in the middle.)
I've discovered many graces in the midst of Colon Cancer and having more time 
to make art is a gift.  
More vintage photo mixed medias coming soon!

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