Monday, August 6, 2012

My Junk Huntin', Angel makin' Daddy

My dad has always been a sweet source of inspiration for me. I grew up fascinated with his talent, making art from beautiful hunks of wood.  He made me an angel similar to this one about 20 years ago.  :) It was made from the barnwood of an old family homestead. She now spends her days tooting her horn over my fireplace.  (It measures close to 5' in length.)  Now that he and mom are retired, they enjoy treasure hunting as often as they possibly can.  Mom finds the goods and dad makes something of them.  I am pleased as punch to report that he is back to creating his angels again.  He's actually made several and I plan to hijack one or two to display for sale at the studio

In honor of dad, and his angels... today, once again I find myself doodling my own silly version of them.  
and then putting her down in paint.

Think I'll have him make me a sweet frame outta some of that great reclaimed wood.... :)
happy day!