Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finding Treasures

I love this photo of my grandmother (center) with her sisters and friends.

My imagination just ran wild when I discovered it. I decided not to ask her to tell me about it until after I added my own little 'story' to it. Once it was finished she shared with me the story behind the picture. I loved watching her wheels turning as she put names with the faces. Her face lit up as she recalled the memories of days gone by. I don't think I could ever hear enough about the seemingly far away past as if it were really just yesterday. I'm starting to realize as I roll along creating the story of my life, the past starts to mesh with the present. I can already see myself sitting with my granddaughter, telling the stories of my old photos, recalling sweet times. Nonnie's birthday is next month. I think I know what she's getting from me. :)
Happy Day!