Saturday, September 15, 2012

Craft Possessed

Howdy Do!

It appears as though I'm never going to quit.  Since way back in my earliest memories I've tried, or seems like i've tried it all.  Thank the craft fairies in my hallucinatory brain, it appears as though the end is not in site.  The supply of inventive artistic notions is everlasting.  This realization makes me happy and crazy all at the same time.  I'm pretty sure there is some kind of name for whatever disease I have.  Whatever it is, I was born this way, so I guess we can blame my parents.  ANYWHO... this is just a teeny example of what I've been up to up till now:

(annie sloan chalk paint, vintage book page flower/wire sculpture)

( a "little" painting with a quote from one of my favorite authors)

(burlap boo bunting embellished with crepe paper flowers, AND vintage orange pom pom trim which, btw, was an oh so happy flea market find)

AND last but not least:
(hand carved stamps just because I was bored.  The sound of sports on the tele makes me restless.)

What to do next week?

Happy Day!

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Pat said...

Micah, As always, you AMAZE me!!! I'm so happy to know you and share your enthusiasm. pat