Sunday, March 27, 2011

CNO with Mindy Lacefield

the workshop friday was a HUGE success, thanks to Mindy!  21 ladies sqooshed into our cozy little studio for some sweet art making.  upon thumbing through all the snapshots of the evening i decided to just put them all together in a little collage. (sorta like the way we were all crammed in the room...oops, my bad)

i have to say, i was so excitedly anticipating this special CNO and Mindy did not disappoint!  she was so cute and did such a great job, i really wanted to kidnap her and make her stay and paint all night.  don't really think she'd have gone for that!  we were lucky to have her here, even if for only a few blissful hours.

my wheels are definitely spinning with projects for the next CNO.  gonna be hard to top the last one!!  
(blossom tinkerings part deux in our future???)

p.s. if you'd like to receive info about CNO just send me a note.