Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Been Such a Long Time

Hello Again

I can't believe it's been.... months...since my last post.  Let me assure you, this has NOTHING to do with my procrastination issues OR my problems with attention.   (lie)  No, really.  

I had high hopes for the summer.  My plan was to spend tons of all the free time I was to have, painting and creating at the studio.  While I can tell you that playing at the studio is exactly what I NEVER GOT TO DO, I cannot tell you just exactly what I did do.  Can't think of one thing I accomplished.  Guess that was one lazy summer gone by. 

I'd had about enough of that by the time school started and, at the last minute,(which is just the time I seem to do anything),
I decided to....(drumroll here) HOMESCHOOL.  Yep, ME.  I feel it necessary to add that my SUPER mom is helping with Geometry and Biology.  Anyone who knows me would be scared for the poor child if they thought I was teaching him those 2 subjects. 

SO, once we were all underway and had some sort of routine, we decided to field trip-it out to the studio. 

Why not?  

I'm finally back.  A painting sat waiting that had been on pause since spring.  The poor neglected project had the old spring color palette, which was now all wrong.  Fall was calling my name.

Cherie (one of my sa-weet studio girlies) mentioned getting art out to a little outdoor venue last minute and I jumped on the bandwagon.  

It just occurred to me that I was never really invited.  I don't think she minded...

This was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things.  Here are a few pics 'o the day:


 I drool over Cherie's creations (above).  Vintage tins that have seen better days are reborn into vibrant works of art.  
Magnifique Cherie!

We were packed like a sardines so there was no room for a camera. (or i forgot) Hence the poor iphone pics.

Here are a few pieces in my repertoire of masterpieces. I never took French but somehow I picked up on a bit. :)
Most of these have been hanging around.  The Giraffe is my latest little ditty.  He inspired me to keep going as of late.  OH, and Cherie played a pretty big part too.  Thanks friend!!
that's all for now.  
be back soon.
happy day!

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Lisa said...

Howdy girl! Would you believe that I was just thinking about you this morning??? And.. here you are! Hmmm, Did I summon you up? Glad to see you "back"! And the homeschool thing! Yay for you!! I do it for my 10 yr. old and LOVE IT!! The very best thing is getting to do the Bible study with him. We're both learning so much! I love it...didn't think I could do it, but I am :-)
Hope all is well!
Have a good evenin'
God Bless,