Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i heart onion?

Practice is a must, even for those in which artistic talent is innate.  Spending day after day with an unquenchable desire to create can make one ca-razy when life gets in the way.  I am in pursuit of finding creativity in everyday tasks.  That's just gonna have to do some days.   You find yourself looking at colors, and shapes and how they change in different lights.   During the course of the day I often find serendipitous moments that bring smiles to my face.  (Sometimes i scream out "serendipity!" and my co-workers and friends do the eye-roll thingy.  That makes me smile too :) The more I notice, the more I look for.  (vice-versa too) Here's what happened while peeling an onion for dinner the other night.  (D.H. thought I was nuts when he caught me taking a picture of an onion...and that made me smile! heehee) 
The task: peeling a stinky old onion.  serendipity: a happy accident while making dinner!

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