Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mixed Encaustics

whales and giraffes are all the rage in my sketchbook these days.

grand majestic gentle souls in massive form

8x24 mixed encaustic on canvas
$125 here

 16x20 mixed encaustic on wood
$135 here

Sunday, March 27, 2011

CNO with Mindy Lacefield

the workshop friday was a HUGE success, thanks to Mindy!  21 ladies sqooshed into our cozy little studio for some sweet art making.  upon thumbing through all the snapshots of the evening i decided to just put them all together in a little collage. (sorta like the way we were all crammed in the room...oops, my bad)

i have to say, i was so excitedly anticipating this special CNO and Mindy did not disappoint!  she was so cute and did such a great job, i really wanted to kidnap her and make her stay and paint all night.  don't really think she'd have gone for that!  we were lucky to have her here, even if for only a few blissful hours.

my wheels are definitely spinning with projects for the next CNO.  gonna be hard to top the last one!!  
(blossom tinkerings part deux in our future???)

p.s. if you'd like to receive info about CNO just send me a note.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

love is

many quest.  search all life long.

what is love?

"love is, above all the gift of oneself."
Jean Anouilh

smart guy, that Jean.

(vertical diptych, 8x16 mixed media on wood)

available here

Monday, March 21, 2011

inspiration location

we've been selling our art here for 1 year now.  it has been an amazing experience for me.  second saturday studio was a gallery of sorts but it is now......actually a working studio.  friends Kelly, Patricia, Cherie and I come here like it's holiday island or something. the studio is right up there as one of my top happy places for sure.
i'm super excited to have extra time this week (spring break) to spend getting my hands all painty and dirty and hopefully have a few friends drop in during the process.  the cherry on top of this highly anticipated week: Mindy is coming for the blossom tinkerings workshop we are hosting on friday! gonna be a goood time!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blossom Tinkerings Workshop coming soon to the studio!

                   ("Kiwi" by Mindy Lacefield)

Living in small town Arkansas definitely has its advantages.  One of those is the presence of community.  Folks here always come through for one another anytime there is a need.  Opportunities, however, often have to be made.  
In late 2009 a small group of cohorts gathered with me in my grandparents 'party room' and together we launched our first monthly Craft Night Out.  
Since then we have painted, glued, soldered, hammered, sewn, sanded, stapled, ALL WHILE laughing, visiting, sharing, eating AND drinking.  We've been tangled in burlap,  lost in paperclay, and smeared in paint.  We are having a ball! 
A few months ago we moved to the studio.  Our group has grown along with our creative appetites.  Which leads me to this post.  This March's CNO is HONORED to have Mindy Lacefield at the studio.  She will be leading her Blossom Tinkerings Workshop on the 25th.  I can hardly contain my excitement! I've admired her artwork in several of my favorite publications for a while, AND guess what?? She is from right up the road, a mere 50 miles away! AND she went to college here! AND she has family here!  She graciously accepted an invitation to put together and teach this workshop.  The next CNO just can't get here fast enough! This is going to be FaBuLoSo!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i heart onion?

Practice is a must, even for those in which artistic talent is innate.  Spending day after day with an unquenchable desire to create can make one ca-razy when life gets in the way.  I am in pursuit of finding creativity in everyday tasks.  That's just gonna have to do some days.   You find yourself looking at colors, and shapes and how they change in different lights.   During the course of the day I often find serendipitous moments that bring smiles to my face.  (Sometimes i scream out "serendipity!" and my co-workers and friends do the eye-roll thingy.  That makes me smile too :) The more I notice, the more I look for.  (vice-versa too) Here's what happened while peeling an onion for dinner the other night.  (D.H. thought I was nuts when he caught me taking a picture of an onion...and that made me smile! heehee) 
The task: peeling a stinky old onion.  serendipity: a happy accident while making dinner!