Monday, November 1, 2010

Most Precious Friend Award!

My eye is always drawn to new art in the studio the second I walk in the door.  The other day, I was rushing in…late as usual, and to what at my vision did appear?  The sweetest new creation.  Neatly displayed in and amongst the array of art on the brick wall.  Even though I was across the room I knew exactly what it was.SAMSUNG
Most Precious Friend Award! For Meeee!!!    My friend Mama Pat (Birds Nest on the Ground) who by the way is the studio’s biggest fan, supporter, volunteer, artist, idea contributor, Kelly’s mom, wise wise owl, AND amazing talent, crafted this beautiful award ribbon.  Pat originally made these for an upcoming quilt show.  Read about them HERE.   It will stay at the studio so that our friends can ooh and awww, but soon it will be home with me, displayed proudly in my studio where I can get a dose of sweet sunshine every time I look at it!  Thanks Patricia!  (Most Precious Friend!)