Friday, March 26, 2010

Anyone In??

  WAY back in September I mentioned that I had registered for the most fabulous workshop.  It is coming up very soon and I can hardly contain my excitement!  Not only will I be learning techniques from some "rock stars", but also sitting in on some very helpful lectures regarding licensing and marketing.  Some of the instuctors include: Wendy Addison, Claudine Hellmuth, Matthew Meade, Kaari Meng, and more.  
  The workshop will be held in the historic Central West End in St. Louis, "a district created to house and entertain dignitaries of the 1904 World’s Fair. But don’t think the years have forgotten this unique area. It’s now the center of innovative restaurants, shops and stunning urban √©lan."   (My heart fluttered when I read that...) I may never want to leave!
  Now's the time to book, flights and room prices will not get cheaper, and accommodations are filling fast. 
  So, tell me... who's in??