Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

It hit me as I was "doodling" my notes as Pastor Bryan was giving his sermon this morning.  If anyone sees me as I doodle on my church program they probably think, "that girl is setting a real great example for her kids...(sarcasm), but i really am drawing my notes.  
So today, the sermon was based on Abram and the legacy he was leaving as he learned to faithfully follow God's will.  Faith to go when the going seems unreasonable.  Faith to trust when trusting seems irrational. Faith to wait when the waiting seems impossible. 
It's easy to forget how important it is to wait on God.  Sometimes we do want to step in there as if we are "letting God take a break on this one".  Like we can fix anything without Him... been there, tried that!  
Dogwoods will soon be in bloom here in Arkansas.  They always bloom at Easter time.  It's another reminder of the sacrifice God made for me; and you.  Abraham left a legacy and just as it was then, it is now.  We have to TRUST, BELIEVE, have FAITH, and WAIT on Him.  Let me tell you, life is way easier to handle when I am mindful of those words!

Mixed Media: Acrylic on canvas beeswax collage
Blessings all,