Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Memory of Pete and Gus

Pete and Gus quickly became a part of our family.  They made their presence known with their pretty birdy songs.  We enjoyed watching them rush to our hands knowing we would treat them with their yummy millet.  I was just mesmerized by them.  There was a peaceful calm they exerted.
We only had them for a brief time but they will forever be in our hearts.  We may never know exactly what happened.  We only found evidence when Dave and I returned from our weekend 20th anniversary celebration in Key West.  It appears as though an outside cat was inadvertently let in while 'someone' was taking care of the animals.  The scene was horrendous.  Cage turned over, feathers everywhere, I'll spare you the rest. (I think we are safe to assume the cat ate the birds.)
They inspired this 3D mixed media which I had started before the trip.  It has new meaning now.