Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Word Up Wednesday

The hardest part of holiday gift giving for me is coming up with something perfect for each  person.  I bet I’m not alone! 
So each Wednesday until Christmas I plan to feature some of my favorite fancy’s.  Here’s one I’ve been anxious to share with all of you:


 Remember this post from last spring? 
 During the Workshop I met Patricia.  She is a very talented jewelry designer who I was lucky enough to sit beside in the Karri Meng class.  She even let me borrow a pair of reading glasses.  It was so hard to see all those little jewelry parts.  I fussed and fussed until she came to my rescue!  (it was at this very table that 40 hit me right between the eyes…do you ever have those moments?)

I started following her blog as soon as I returned home
and I absolutely LOVE her jewelry.  You can find it here at ETSY.    (These little beauties would make excellent Christmas gifts!) 
She is offering 20% off any one item until 10/25... hello...bonus!!
happy day!

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