Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Studio Pieces


Found this old Vanity Mirror on a junk excavation a couple of years ago.  It broke soon after buying it for my little princess’ room.  I hung on to it knowing I could someday give it new life.  ( ok, I' hoard.)  SO… I brought it out of the abyss one day and decided “Angela” needed to be right here.  She is a depiction of an actual real angel.  Angela passed away far too young a few months ago.  She was put on this earth to be a wife, mother and friend to many.  For me, Angela was a lesson in humility and grace.  She never met a stranger and touched many many lives.  This is her now, up there right where she belongs… with the angels.


Assemblage:  Paperclay, Linen, Pastel, Acrylic, Wire

No story to tell, just some good creative art play!

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