Friday, September 3, 2010

6th Grade Social Studies Project

 Project #1 in Mrs. Martin's Advanced Social Studies:

3d Map of the United States

What's the first thing that comes to mind...
Salt Dough, of course!
(recipe follows)

Here are the instructions:

1. Search for and  print an outline of the United States 
  (don't forget to include Alaska and Hawaii).
2. Take the copy to a print shop. (we went to Staples) 
   and enlarge to required size. (A local pizza place donated a  
   large pizza box but we decided to use the backside of a wooden
   canvas instead). 
3. Have your student color the entire BACKSIDE of the map copy 
   with a soft - medium charcoal pencil. Tape the copy, charcoal 
   side down, on the substrate.  (pizza box, wooden canvas, etc.)
4. Draw around the perimeter lines of the map using a pen and 
   medium pressure.  Remove the copy and you will be left with a 
   charcoal line of the United States.  (this is a form of print 
   play doh consistency.  

6. Press the dough into the map outline.  Allow to dry at least
   24 hours.
7. Paint a base coat using gesso. 

                  8. Follow class instructions to finish the project.
Project #1....check!

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