Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Live A Little!

I love to take inspiration from my daily life, things that somehow stick with me. (yes, once in a while i retain a few things...just a few...)  
I try and get a little Dave Ramsey lesson in a few times a week.  He is an amazing 'get out of debt' expert.  Check out his website.   He is one smart fella!  ANYWHO, the other day I was listening to his advice and he said we should all "live a little", meaning literally.  Live a little so we can achieve a lot.  Get away from the idiot box,(my grandmother's term)get out and enjoy the small things in life.  
That got me to thinkin...
then paintin'
happy day!

"Live A Little"


Are you curious about me? said...

Hi Mica

This picture would make the best birthday card in the world..


Though I am biased, my daughter has a VW camper.

Msartist said...

I love road trips! Such a lovely painting~ I met you via a blog hop~
Ya! Glad to meet you, I'll visit often~ one of your newest followers.
All my best, Theresa

Honey Lamb and I said...

I agree! I was just saying my kids are happiest this summer when it is time to chase fireflies. They are not fighting over the Wii or being "bored." Love the painting and I plan on living a little this weekend:) ~Shelley

Pat said...

Micah....this painting is just the CUTEST!!! I particularly love your flowers....and you are so right about the 'live a little' part! pat

PS. This looks remarkably like a future franchising item!!!!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

This is a great piece, it is so light and carefree.

Deidra said...

I can't stop looking at that picture. It's perfect. I love the little VW bus making its way down the road. So cool!

Anonymous said...

aw I do love that painting with the hippie van. It has a happy feel to it.

Amy said...

love "live a little!" (and i love dave ramsey!)
enjoying your blog- i found you through blog hop!

priscilla cerda said...

well~ ms. the hell are you my arkansas belle. i was ust in the blogger~hood & thought i'd stop by and see how my sista' from another mista' is doin'. take care sunshine!!!