Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chair of Bowlies, Bracelets AND Poppets!

Day 1 at the WORKSHOP is just about over and tomorrow can't come soon enough!  First class: Kaari Meng from French General.  We made beautiful vintage inspired charmant bracelets:

Kaari used to design jewelry for a fabulous STORE that I heart to love (if only from afar).  
Then it was off to Claudine's class.  These poppets are too cute.

Say "Hello" to Poppet Aunt Karen as a little girl and my dad, Poppet Tommy as Karen's big brother.  Not sure why they're sitting on their hands.  Maybe they were fighting? Naaaah

Shelley is craftmate o' the day. (made that last part up myself) She and her friends from Oklahoma are showing me the ropes.  They are pro's at this workshop/retreat thing. I could get addicted to this. (David, don't read that previous statement)  It's been nice gathering with a bunch of ladies all with a similar OCD.  It's like group therapy.  In retreat form, but where you're free to come and go as you please. You don't even need a family member and doctor's permission to sign you in and out. It's great.

Fancy for the day:

 Posing with Shelley the Poppets and  THE Poppeteer, 
Claudine Hellmuth.  Yep, she's as precious as she looks. 
 Happy Day!


priscilla cerda said...

it's me priscilla! i had to reach out to you and wish u safe travels, & and a huge welcome to CA!
it was such a pleasure to meet you & <3 you're style!

Debbie Dusenberry said...

Micah, Wow, what a site you have and your stuff on Etsy is fabulous! We should have talked more... my fault! Wasn't it all great?!