Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ode to Wonderland...

  I've been a little busy helping Miss Kelly with the opening of Second Saturday Studio.  Have you visited?  The "dress rehearsal" opening was a HUGE success thanks to some great word of mouth AND facebook... the greatest free marketing tool ever!  On top of all the busy-ness my laptop crashed.  I mean literally, as in crashed to the floor. (So, I've missed blogging but back in action now.) 
  I actually sold a few pieces at the opening so I finally got a little motivation to do that piece that's been rolling around in my head since "Ode to Oz" was completed.  (There's nothing like selling some artwork to light a fire under my rear, who needs a muse??) 
  I hope you will "take a tour" around the studio and peek in at some of the fantastic artwork that our members have created.  All the artists are from Arkansas.  Go on... check it out... Prepare to be inspired!!
Happy Happy Day full of blessings!


Jodi Vehlies said...

My dear friend Beth Pemberton bought this for me. I absolutely love it!!!!! I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. :)

micah said...

You have a sweet friend! It makes me happy to know that "ode to wonderland" has a good home. So glad you like it Jodi; thanks for the comment!