Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fun with Clay

 We've been so busy and bogged down with life that art got pushed aside.  Why is it so hard to
organize time?  Ugh!  I have so many little ideas floating around in my head but my kids need clean clothes, decent meals and loving attention.  SO I decided to bring some of my supplies out of the studio and into the "family space", that seems to be the best solution.  Otherwise I'm afraid I'll never get back to it. 
A while back I signed up for Cloth and Clay dolls and excitedly went out and purchased all the supplies.  The bag has laid untouched on my studio table for weeks.  Finally, Friday night at about 10:30 the bug bit.  The time had come.  My DH (dear husband) was away for the night, miss fancy pants was at a friends' and the house was alive with Mr. 14 and the testosterone posse.  Feeling the need to stay awake urged my choice to start my new project. 
Ofcourse, I'm starting out of order.  I'm sort of having my dessert before the meal. I'm supposed to sew the body first.  The sculpting has me pretty pumped so I figured why not get a little practice in, just see if this is for me.  Here's a little peek:

At this point the boys were winding down and the need to stay up subsided.  I'm pretty sure they behaved...