Monday, July 13, 2009

Back From Camp.... Hallelujah!

Let me introduce my good friend Kelly. Here she is after a mighty fine round of "Organized Mass Chaos... or OMC as it's referred to in Centri-Kid camp.
It is worth mentioning that this uninhibited, funny, loveable, precious soul is a 5 YEAR BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR as of July 11th!! She is one of the bravest soldiers I know. Her positive attitude is infectious and her love abundant. Happy anniversary Kelly!! :) (please feel free to pay tribute with your always sweet comments and I'll pass them along to her)
Two of my fellow camper momma-cita's gettin ready for battle...happy campers!

After OMC. I'm the fairly clean one in the back... Thought I'd made it free and clear but the chocolate syrup fairy and shaving cream goddess made sure I wasn't left out. Until Next year...