Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I almost missed this! Another "happy" from Michelle... A Blog Award!! Mark this as my first ever! She gave it to all the lucky blogs she follows. What a sweetheart!
The rules say to post it on my blog and give it to others... so that's what I'm going to do....
Since this is my first attempt, I'm going to give it to 3 of the bloggers who share their wonderful talents with others....

1. Annie at Annette's Art
2. Darla at Artistic Accents by Darla
3.Mystele at Little Glimpses Studio


I WON!!!

I Just woke up, checked my e-mail,....wait back up... made coffee, took pups out, tidy-ed up the kitchen from the kids nightly late late snacks, THEN checked. Lo and Behold there was a message from Michelle Eaton over at Dolls N Art. I won her giveaway!! I never win anything! And to win something from someone so talented, Fancy that!!! Michelle, you made my day! I'm so Excited!!