Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Registered!!!

Thursday, April 29 – Sunday, May 2, 2010 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!   I'm like a kid going to Disney World.  This IS Disney World to me.  Home Companion was my muse for so long and I've been missing it so!  I have longed to attend a workshop but living in Arkansas there just aren't a lot of opportunities.  But... lo and behold... just a few hours away... the Queen herself is hosting a workshop! How LuCkY could I be??  I'm so stinkin excited, I don't know if anyone will be able to stand me for the next 7 months!


Michelle Eaton said...

I have never heard of this before? What is it to do with?

Michelle Eaton said...

For some reason my blog isn't letting me know when you have new posts. Sorry if I miss some of them. I have no idea how to fix the problem. I have deleted you and re-added you a few times, but still nothing :)

HappyScrapper said...

It is nice to "meet" you!! I'm actually from Cave City. I live about an hour and a half North of Searcy, 15 min. north of Batesville. Been bloggin for awhile now. Wish we could compile a blog list of "Fellow Arkansan Artists". If you can and have a minute, will you send an email to me ... my addy is
I have some questions for you. :)
I'm teaching a class, er well 4, on the Friday of the Extravaganza. I'd love to meet you! I'll be doing some "artsy" stuff, but girl, you have GOT TO teach me how to do some of the collage work you do ... and that beeswax art! Oh, how I love the look of that!! You TRULY are talented! God has blessed you with a gift, and wow what you have done with it! Oh, and your blog is super fantastic!!
Have a great day!!

Deidra said...

I think you will be in your own little heaven, won't you? My mom introduced me to Mary's work when I was very young. I love her bright colors and whimsy. You'll have a blast at the workshop!

Heather said...

that's awesome! I miss that magazine so much....*sob* you will have such a fabulous time!~