Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I almost missed this! Another "happy" from Michelle... A Blog Award!! Mark this as my first ever! She gave it to all the lucky blogs she follows. What a sweetheart!
The rules say to post it on my blog and give it to others... so that's what I'm going to do....
Since this is my first attempt, I'm going to give it to 3 of the bloggers who share their wonderful talents with others....

1. Annie at Annette's Art
2. Darla at Artistic Accents by Darla
3.Mystele at Little Glimpses Studio


I WON!!!

I Just woke up, checked my e-mail,....wait back up... made coffee, took pups out, tidy-ed up the kitchen from the kids nightly late late snacks, THEN checked. Lo and Behold there was a message from Michelle Eaton over at Dolls N Art. I won her giveaway!! I never win anything! And to win something from someone so talented, Fancy that!!! Michelle, you made my day! I'm so Excited!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Bluebird Show

Weekend art play in the studio... 6x6 watercolor and acrylics on wood. It's varnished with beeswax. i love the smell!! Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This is my dad. The one who was blessed with the daunting task of raising ME! Boy did he have his work cut out! Started out 40 years ago as a young guy with a young wife and a new baby girl. Two boys and a few years later came the mother of all challenges.... how to deal with a daughter who had been altered by some alien being from another solar system. Wow! Kudos dad!! He got me through it alive and eventually I was able to fight the aliens and overcome. (though periodically they come back for a visit, but never stick around too long) Dad, you have been a wonderful example to me in so many ways. Through your blessed talents I have gained experience and knowledge. I believe I gained my basic love and desire of art from watching you. I look forward to learning even more in the future! (I have some things in mind... we'll talk)
Then, you became a father in law and a few years later, a grandfather. Man do you have a long list of folks who love and admire you! I could go on and on! I am infinately honored to call you my dad! I heart you with all my love!!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well Fancy That!

This is one of those crazy "no way" moments! I was hoping to get a good shot of those babies but wasn't having any luck. I would grab my camera each time mama flew by and she would disappear when I opened the door. Then I'd sit outside...wait..wait..wait.... never a pose. Until this moment. Wow! Look closely at mama's mouth. She is feeding baby a cricket. Can you believe that! InSpIrAtiOn!!

Vivi and Gumbo

I finished this commissioned "fancy" this weekend. I'm having a tough time giving it to my friend because I'm not happy with it. I varnished it just so I'd leave it alone! So... no choice...like it or not, it's done!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Color Me Amber

This is my good friend and workout partner Amber. She is one of the color divas at the salon! It was my first experiment with beeswax. Sorry, honey about the iron... and the floor :(
Happy Birthday sweet friend!

oh, P.S.... She has two left feet. oops!! (I mean literally; ..not her, the painting)