Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite Kicks

These loafers must be immortalized. They're my fave's. Old, tattered, comfy and still hangin on to their bling. I don't even know how old they are or where they came from but if I ever see any again I'll snatch em up in a heart beat. (An assortment of colors would be groovy! ) I seem to make my way to them as soon as the weekend is approaching. It could also be that my poor achy feet are really ready for a hiatus from the tortuous heels they are forced into most of the week. These are not my usual, seemingly disposable kicks. They are special.... well worth the money spent. I think I'll hang on to these and pass them down to my dear daughter. Long after I'm gone, and the smell has dissapated maybe she'll enjoy adore them too! (just kidding, of course) ; )